A. The DSEIS is part of a fundamentally-flawed 2007 Forest Plan that never considered oil and gas drilling a significant issue
B. The DSEIS relies on outdated OGD data (road miles and # of wells) to make assumptions about future development
C. The range of alternatives is inadequate: The SEIS must include an alternative that maintains and increases species viability and water quality.
D. Standards and guidelines are too weak.
E. The DSEIS reduced the range of significant issues by half
1. Marcellus Shale
2. Fragmentation
F. The Cumulative Effects Analysis is Inadequate: The Forest Service must fully disclose the cumulative effects of existing, proposed and reasonably foreseeable oil and gas development.
G. Contrary to the TEIS Part II, the Forest Service claims it is unable to predict OGD in DSEIS.
H. Water quality.
I. Air pollution
J. Species Viability
K. Climate Change
M. Heritage Resources
N. Public Participation